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UK Wing Chun Kung Fu

Learn Wing Chun, free from politics, organisations or clubs.

  • For all martial artists who are searching for a deeper knowledge and understanding in all aspects of Wing Chun!

  • For all instructors, Sifus, Masters and school leaders.

  • For all who search for deep understanding of martial arts Wing Chun.


Free from all association policies and regulations, organisations and clubs.

Master Chrisu offers you the pure Chinese Wing Chun system, without politics; Let us take time for training and teaching!

The concepts, maxims and methods of Wing Chun are intrinsic to the overall understanding of this unique martial art system.

The whole system is taught using exercises and clear explanations from the perspective of both theory and practical application. Through this holistic approach a deep understanding of the entire martial art Wing Chun can then be developed.

Master Chrisu can offer students access to a wide range of back up documentation which will help reinforce their understanding from lessons and include clear and concise explanations of both strategies and application of Wing Chun. These techniques are integral to the holistic teaching methods of Master Chrisu.

If you wish to embark upon a full education of Wing Chun, from basic to advanced footwork, the training and kicking methods of the ‘lower level’ fighting applications, to all the forms – SNT, Chum Kiu and Biu Tze – plus the wooden dummy fighting concepts, this is the opportunity for you to learn it all.

Also offered, for those Masters who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of real combat applications through the system, are Chi Gerk fighting applications, the longpole Chi Kwn and Lat Kwan programme, tripodal dummy and the 8 ways of the knives. All are taught in a well-structured teaching style, which caters to individual student’s requirements.

We offer a range of advanced services, including:

·      seminars, 

·      intensive training groups, 

·      Master lessons and ITC programs for instructors who wish to offer their own students a high-level Wing Chun journey.

We are looking forward to Master Chrisu visiting us in the UK in the near future.

Feel free to contact via email or telephone.

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