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The Path of Wing Chun

Wing Chun Kungfu Guoshu
Philosophy as a way of life of the southern Chinese martial arts Wing Chun Kung Fu.

As a human being and a master, I would like to take a lot of time to make myself aware of my mistake. The Progress then comes naturally.

Words that made me alert and alert: rigidity and stiffness arise when one acts and thinks. Compassion and friendliness can only be communicated through the right morality.

About Reward and Failure: The reward is always in failure, because when rectified comes the enlightenment! Get proper knowledge, because there are no shortcuts in life and learning. The knowledge learned in peace must be blessed with time.
This gives room for many new insights. With a positive attitude towards learning martial arts, the skills learned can grow into solid basic Chinese martial arts skills.
The understanding of philosophy as well as the connection between body, mind and soul is consciously felt and understood. Kung Fu, which translates to something like “hard work,” teaches the student self-control and discipline.

In the system of Chinese Kung Fu, the theories of Yin & Yang play an essential role. Retaining one’s own balance, regaining lost ones, as well as the doctrine of power sets, joint rules, and anatomy are all part of this martial art.

Guoshu Wing Chun Master
The "great master" has great responsibility.
Be the mentor and companion, counselor and father for the coming generations.
Sifu Chrisu, always helpful, honest and with incredible power he brings out the best of every person who opens up to his holistic education.

Full of confidence and loyalty, honesty and incredible attention to detail, the master explores and masters the Chinese martial art Wing Chun.

Elegant sleek movements, masterfully crafted from geometric figures, as well as the strategies of the high Gúoshù are in good hands with his joyful way of life.

Respect, honor and courage are the cornerstones of every martial art. The Three Treasures philosophy helps me understand my feelings and control my fears.

The incredibly sophisticated martial arts keeps me busy. It is logic, science and the feeling never to come up against a limit, which cause strength and stamina in me, since the own development by persistent practice of all alone. The progress of the Master draws you behind him as if on invisible threads. Learning through your own inner drive and through imitation.

The teacher and the student
together form the lesson!

Master Chrisu 2019


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Master Chrisu

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